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5 Fascinating Things to Do on the Thai Islands

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If you’re looking for things to do on the Thai islands, rest assured there’s more to occupy your time than beaches and Full Moon Parties. Thailand has a rich culture, a variety of tourist-friendly islands and some surprises, so here are my top tips!

Visit the tomb of a mummified monk

On the island of […]

The Scaredy-Cat Who Climbed Quebec’s Highest Waterfall

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This story is about the conclusion of our trip across Canada and how I ended up spontaneously rock climbing Quebec’s highest waterfall, despite suffering from a fear of heights.

After a fun stay in Montreal, we took the bus to our final destination on our Canadian adventure: the historic walled city of Quebec.

The sun was shining and […]

Family Travel Inspiration, Tips and Win Tickets!

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What’s the best way to enjoy holidays abroad when you have kids? Where are the latest family-friendly resorts? A brand new event in London next month, the Family Travel Show, will provide a host of family travel inspiration. Read on to find out the best holiday tips from UK parents – and for your chance to win […]

How to Enjoy the Sweetest Romantic Break in York

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Close to the sweeping moors where Cathy and Heathcliff played out their love affair in Wuthering Heights sits the ancient walled city of York. Founded by the Romans in 71 AD, it’s a city with charming cobbled streets, a medieval castle and cosy pubs, watched over by a towering Gothic cathedral. If you’re planning […]

A Love Letter to London

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Sometimes you can travel far away and forget what makes your home city so special. This is my love letter to London.

Two years ago, I left you.
I felt I’d grown weary of you, the routine of city life.
I was looking for something else, something more meaningful,
So I packed my bags and explored the world.

I’d always been […]