Browse all my best backpacking Belgium posts below to discover all the coolest places to visit in Belgium, as well as the cheapest way to get to Brussels from London.

Belgium is a small but surprising country. I first visited Belgium on a school history trip to visit the World War II sites and cemeteries. Years later, I moved here as an expat and discovered its laid back lifestyle, summer parties and surreal humour.

Find out the best itinerary for one day in Bruges, including how the latest technology transports you back into this beautiful historic city’s golden age of international trade.

Don’t miss the opportunity to spend a day in Ghent, the often overlooked but absolutely gorgeous city, which blends historic cathedrals, world-renowned art and vibrant student life.

Finally, check out the most unusual things to do in Brussels – this ‘Capital of Europe’ may sound boring, but scratch the surface and you’ll find a lot of quirkiness that will make you smile.

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