5 of the Best Tips for a Magnificent Malaysia Holiday

By |April 8th, 2017

If you’d like to visit Southeast Asia but don’t know where to start, here are my five tips for having a magnificent Malaysia holiday. There’s a host of things to see, eat and do in this fascinating and beautiful country, with its melting pot of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cultural influences.

Get arty

George Town, […]

A Love Letter to London

By |May 29th, 2015

Sometimes you can travel far away and forget what makes your home city so special. This is my love letter to London.

Two years ago, I left you.
I felt I’d grown weary of you, the routine of city life.
I was looking for something else, something more meaningful,
So I packed my bags and explored the world.

I’d always been […]

Love (or not) in Kuala Lumpur and Penang

By |August 12th, 2014

It’s funny how comparisons can influence your view of a place. My first arrival in Kuala Lumpur was after spending a month in Goa, so in comparison with India I appreciated the city’s relative calm, professionalism and more acceptable hygiene levels.

I enjoyed its melting pot of Asian cultures and tasty food, with influences from India […]

Slight Return: What’s the Best Thing about Round-the-World Travels?

By |December 27th, 2013

Someone asked me the other day, since I’ve come back home for Christmas – what has been the best aspect of my round-the-world travels: the activities I’ve done, the people I’ve met, or the feeling of freedom and adventure? […]

Time To Say Goodbye

By |June 12th, 2013

I admit it. I’ve been a bit of a grump these last few days. For all my talk of yoga, healing and being at peace, I have also felt anxious and sad. I’ve been moping around feeling sorry for myself. Why? Because I was about to leave Bali, and Asia in general.

After four months […]