Have you ever dreamed of quitting your job to travel the world? Are you craving your own Eat, Pray, Love experience? Me too!


I’m Claire, a 30-something writer and PR who left my busy London life behind two years ago to do just that. To put my life in a backpack and embark on some beautiful adventures to India, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and beyond.

Feeding turtle

Why the name Backpacking Bella? Because my first backpacking trip was in Italy, where bella means beautiful. The word also reflects the essence of my style of travelling – appreciating the beauty and art of the places I’m visiting and keeping a feminine, self-aware perspective. No dirty dorms and binge drinking for me. Well, maybe a cocktail every now and then – a girl’s got to enjoy herself.


Travelling brings you such an inspiring sense of joy, freedom and possibility. You get to meet some fantastic people, have awe-inspiring experiences and learn so much about yourself along the way. Sometimes you have to pinch yourself that you’re actually in this moment, doing what you’re doing.

What would your dream trip be filled with?


For me, it has been indulging in my love of adventure and filling my days with all my favourite passions: great food, yoga, dancing until the sun comes up, music, art, nature and beaches, and learning about the wonderful world that surrounds us.


Do you have any questions about the ‘if’s and ‘how’s of taking a career break to travel? Join me for the ride, follow my blog, post your comments, and I will share my hints and tips of things I’ve learned along the way, as well as what I’m up to right now.

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Enjoy your own adventures, wherever they may lead you…

Ciao bellas!