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Here is the Best Backpacking Portugal Itinerary for Solo Travellers (2020)

If you’re backpacking Portugal, you’re in good company. Named the world’s leading destination at the World Travel Awards 2019, holidaymakers enjoy Portugal’s pristine beaches, Mediterranean cuisine and charming cities. But unlike other European destinations, it still feels like you’re stumbling across a secret, as you discover hidden island escapes and wander along winding cobbled lanes. […]

Unusual Things to Do in Brussels That Will Make You Smile

From eye-popping architecture to world-famous Surrealist art, Brussels has more to offer than the beer, chocolate, waffles and moules-frites it is best known for. Scratch the skin of Belgium’s capital city and beyond the political workings of its European Union institutions, you’ll find a place that doesn’t always take itself so seriously. According to Vogue […]