I’m back from my bus tour adventures of New Zealand‘s North island, back in the big smoke of Auckland and I’m feeling a bit… antsy. I’m itching for the next adventure to happen. Right now. Where will it be? What will happen? Who will I meet and what will I learn?

On the Stray bus tour, every day comes complete with new places to see and potential activities you can sign up for. Some stops have a number of new experiences to sample – some relaxing, some challenging. A tranquil boat ride through Waitomo’s glow-worm caves, or high-octane abseiling into the darkness followed by caving and black water rafting?

Normal life isn’t crammed daily with these kinds of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. You actually start to feel guilty if you don’t sign up for something on the list – what have you ticked ‘yes’ for? What does your choice say about you? At one point I hopped off in Taupo, with a friend I’d met on the bus, to take a breather for a couple of days and catch up on reality.

Discovering more of Wellington for a few days was great fun too, wandering its eclectic streets in the sunshine and enjoying its vibrant café culture. I love exploring a new city. Now, coming back to the relative familiarity of Auckland, I can still feel the electricity of potential in the air.

Even everyday adventures can be exciting – a trip to a new shop, bar or restaurant; an unexpectedly cool conversation with someone; watching the latest box office film release. Or simply being open to spontaneity and taking your day in a direction that you would never have anticipated when you woke up this morning.

Perhaps tonight, tomorrow or the day after will present something new and interesting. In the mean time, it’s time to enjoy the moment and soak up the details. The chill-out music playing in the café here in Mount Eden, the breeze coming through the open French windows, the chatter of friends catching up on the latest gossip, the hum of cars driving past outside. It’s all here.

And I’ve booked another bus tour, this time to the Northlands, so it’s safe to say that more adventures await.

Next up, read about my New Zealand North Island adventures.