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This is the Best 7 Day Okinawa Itinerary

Japan‘s remote Okinawa islands in the Pacific Ocean are its best-kept secret. Many of the islands are quiet and serene, despite their tropical climate, sandy beaches and delicious food. I recently visited the islands as part of a backpacking Japan trip. In this post, I will share my top tips on how to create the […]

This is the Ultimate Backpacking Zanzibar Itinerary (2021)

backpacking zanzibar

With its perfect sandy beaches, palm trees and relaxed seafront resorts, Zanzibar is like a dream. Popular with backpackers, this island off the coast of Tanzania also attracts more upscale holidaymakers looking for winter sun. This is the ultimate backpacking Zanzibar itinerary and travel guide, including where to stay, the best places to visit and […]